Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm still working on a direction, or purpose for this blog. At first it is easy just to say I'll write about anything that comes to mind, but what do people want to read; the ramblings of an old man on the way things have changed are not very intersting after a while, because it soon slips into a dull tale of an old man, just wanting to sound off. People keep saying talk about things you are passonate about, but my interest is broad and really very shallow; I know a little bit about a whole lot of things, things I once was intersted in, but never studied in depth enough to become an authority on.
Before this degenerates into a dreary tale, I have decided to spend time writng briefy about places I have seen and things I have done. This is not going to be just a travellog, but also some things I have discovered about a wide range of subjects, such as; cooking (the fool is in the kitchen again), places to see if you are in an area I have been, some brewing methods for beer and ale, some good wines to try and why there are so many different wines, historical events and people you should be aware of, and of course, spirituality (not just religion, or Christianity, but the spiritual quest for greater meaning. Some of this will make sense but some of it will simply be what I am thinking about at the time I sit down to write.
Now that I got that off my chest, we can begin a journey of discovery.

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