Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another birthday, happy 71

Who would've thought I'd still be hanging around this long. That is the great thing about life; it never does what you really expect. Let me qualify that because I am a strong believer that you control the direction of your life through the plans you make and the thoughts you think--Proverbs says,"As a man thinks, so is he." You only get stuck in a dead end life when you fail to take control of its direction. Now having said all that, sometimes God takes you in directions you do not intend to go. Joseph, in the Old Testament, is a good example. He was sold into slavery by his brothers. Later they were worried he was going to get revenge on them, but he told them what they had intended for evil, was a part of God's plan.
I never expected to live this long, but I am very glad I have. Every day is a great day--just some days are better than others. My desire is to experience many more, and to enjoy each day to the fullest. Life is truly great, and we need to celebrate each and every day.
I have been blessed far beyond my expectations, and constantly thank God for his great mercy toward me; he has treated me better than I deserve, and based on his great love for me I remain his faithful servant for all of my life.

How about you? Let me know how your life is going.

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