Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passion about books

In an off handed manner I frequently refer to myself as a book addick. I just love books, and will buy them even when I do not have the time to read them--buy them on speculation, as I say--since I am reading three or more books all the time, and someday I'll get around to reading it. I feel the urge to buy and possess books just because the title sounds interesting or the subject is interesting. Of course I frequently go back to read books already read--if they are good once, then they are good again and again. Used books, new books, it doesn't matter, I want to hold it, to possess it.

I am attracted to book stores, as my daughter can testify. She was in Germany when I visited once, and we went to little city near that she shopped in. As we drove down a street, I pointed to a store and asked, "Is that a bookstore?" She replied, "I don't think so." As we walked around we passed the store again and discovered it was indeed a bookstore. She asked, "How did you know it was a bookstore?" "I can smell them," I snapped. Lovers of books can find bookstores where no one else can.

I know many people love reading, but they are not always passionate about books. If I walk into an establishment, like a furniture store and they have books on a bookshelf serving as a display, I will walk over to read the titles, and sometimes wonder if I can by the book from them. A bookstore can keep me interested for hours just exploring the wide range of subjects. I am not stuck on one subject and field, find an interest in the wide range of human study, history, religion, art, cooking, self-help, crafts, fiction, science, and on and on. If someone has written on it I am interested.

I'll give you a rest for now, because a couple of books on my desk are calling to me.

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